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C | Tips to Choose the Best Riding Breeches for Women

Welcome to the Contributor [C] series on Life Equestrian. I love collaborating with other writers and influencers and started this series to curate a source of helpful tips from our equestrian community. Let's get started with an article from Michael Dehaan.


Tips to Choose the Best Riding Breeches for Women

Wearing a well-fitting pair of riding breeches is important for comfort and functionality when you ride. With so many different styles, fits, materials, and colors, it can be hard to know which pair is right for you. Here are some helpful tips to choose the best riding breeches for women.

Some people are fortunate to live near a tack store where they can try on several pairs of breeches to see which pair fits best. However, some people have to order breeches online because they are not near any tack stores. It is important to know what to look for in breeches before ordering them.

Helpful tips to choose the best riding breeches

Breeches are great for riding, as they give you flexibility, grip, and comfort while you ride. A good pair of breeches will keep you happy in the saddle, with no rubs or sores. The right breeches can make a big difference.

Find Your Body Type

Before you start to try on breeches, it is important to know your body type. Certain styles of breeches will fit better on some body types than others.

For bottom heavy riders, it is recommended to wear breeches with a side seam and avoid pull-on tights. Those with a straight-line build are recommended to wear high-waisted breeches. For riders that are top-heavy, it is recommended to wear breeches with an elastic waistband.

Choose a Comfortable Material Based on the Season

When wearing breeches, you don’t want to be too hot or too cold depending on the season. Breeches come in a variety of different materials depending on the time of year.

For summer, you want breeches that are light and breathable. The best materials to look for are cotton & spandex blends or polyester, as they are often your best bet for summer. For winter, you want something warm that will still give you flexibility, which is best found in fleece-lined breeches.

Finding the Right Pair

You’ll be amazed how much difference the right pair of breeches can make. With the right fit and right material, you will be much more comfortable while you ride.


Guest blogger, Michael Dehaan is founder and editor-in-chief at Best Horse Rider. Based in Oklahoma, Michael has been working with horses all his life, acquiring rich experience and professional insights, which he happily shares with other fellow equestrians.

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